Vibe with us! Our clients on average lose 4 – 6 kg per month!

Zuzana - personal trainer in abu dhabi

Meet Zuzana, the gymnastics guru with 5 to 10 years of experience, a passion for weight loss, and a knack for making fitness fun! She’s got some serious skills up her sleeve, specializing in everything from shedding those extra pounds to toning up that bod. With Fanni by your side, you’ll be rocking your dream body in no time!

I can help you if you:

When it comes to weight loss, Zuzana got the tricks and tips to help you say goodbye to those stubborn pounds. She’ll guide you through a personalized journey, making sure you feel supported every step of the way. And who says getting fit can’t be a blast? Fanni spices up her workouts with some aerobics gymnastics, adding a healthy dose of excitement to your sweat sessions.

What style of training can you expect?

But it’s not just the grown-ups who get to have all the fun! Zuzana is a pro at training kids, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for them to unleash their inner gymnast. And if you’re up for a challenge, she’ll introduce you to the wonders of TRX training, a suspension workout that’ll have your muscles begging for more.

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