Vibe with us! Our clients on average lose 4 – 6 kg per month!

Paola - personal trainer in abu dhabi

My name is Paola and I can help you to make results in the shortest possible time!
That’s what most people wish for when they contact me. And although there are no shortcuts to being fit, I’ll always recommend strength training. It burns more fat than cardio, makes muscles, and sculps the body. You will gain your dream figure, improve posture, sleep better, boost metabolism, and most importantly – lose weight.
Progress is my favorite word and you bet I keep track of everything as well as incorporate good nutrition into your lifestyle.

I speak Spanish, English language

With my experience and skills combined, your training sessions will turn into an unforgettable transformational journey to health. My dedication, expertise, and experience served many people to achieve their dream fitness goals.

I can help you if you:

  Body shape
  Work with kids
  Body transformation
  Kick boxing

What style of training can you expect?

  Together we set the healthiest and the best goals according to your needs
  We make a plan for the most efficient and safest exercise
  I track everything you do
  I motivate and support you in every moment
  We adjust activity and goals as needed
  We celebrate success together and stay in touch

Tell us your fitness goals!

Send us a message or call us 0502546925

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