Vibe with us! Our clients on average lose 4 – 6 kg per month!

Cristiana - personal trainer in abu dhabi

Have you thought about how it would feel to look the way you want to? Have you thought about what it would be like to feel active and healthy? Less tired and tense?

This is exactly how you will feel if you exercise regularly. Good workouts increase positive hormones, which leads to a better self-image, self-confidence, and suppression of stress and tension.

Plass still helps with that. You read that right – dancing gives you a really good cardio workout and burns a lot of calories. Plus, it’s fun.

If your goal is to look better, feel more confident, and reduce tension – I’m here for you.

I can help you if you:

  Want to have a desirable figure that leaves everyone speechless
  Want to lose weight
  Want to be fit and healthy
  Want to include dance in your workouts
  Want to build healthy self-confidence

What style of training can you expect?

  We set the best goals according to your needs
  You get a detailed exercise program
  I motivate and support you
  I’m your best friend and we can talk about everything
  We celebrate success together and stay in touch

Why am I competent to work with you?

Many years of experience in fitness and dance give me a solid foundation on which to sew our workouts. That’s why my program is effective.

I guarantee that this program will 100% lead to the results you want because I know how to help you achieve your goals. But more importantly – I can show you how you can build healthy self-confidence and how you can love yourself.

Tell us your fitness goals!

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