Vibe with us! Our clients on average lose 4 – 6 kg per month!

Alexander - personal trainer in abu dhabi

Meet Alexander, the fitness trainer with a splash! With 11 years of experience in swimming and muscle building, he’s the perfect blend of Aquaman and The Hulk. Whether you want to shed pounds, gain muscle, or simply get fit in a fun and effective way, Alexander is your man.

His specialty lies in helping you wave goodbye to those extra pounds. With customized workout programs tailored to your needs, Alexander will have you shedding weight faster than a cat running from a bath. But he’s not just about weight loss. Alexander is your go-to guy for building a body that turns heads. His muscle-building expertise will sculpt your dream physique, from bulging biceps to killer abs.

I can help you if you:

And it doesn’t stop there! With functional training, Alexander will prepare your body for anything life throws at you, making you a pro at lifting groceries, jumping over obstacles, and dodging traffic.

What style of training can you expect?

To spice things up, Alexander incorporates his boxing and kickboxing skills, giving you an intense cardio workout that’s as fun as it is effective.

Ready for the fitness adventure of a lifetime? Contact Alexander and get ready to swim, lift, punch, kick, stretch, and laugh your way to a healthier and happier you!

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