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Swimming Instructor: The Ultimate Swimming Experience

I’m going to be honest with you right from the start. I learned how to swim when I was 22 years old! I know, it’s a little embarrassing. I missed out on many spring and summer breaks with friends because I wasn’t thrilled with water. Yeah, I wasn’t nearly Michael Phelps in the beginning. I didn’t have a phobia, and it’s just I didn’t have any proper support or swimming instructor.

Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t have the best relationship with water. Many people tried to teach me, but no one could get me. But one day, at a public swimming pool, EVERYTHING changed.

So, even though I didn’t like the water that much, sometimes because of my girlfriend I’d go. Sure, it was fun, but not as much fun when she went to deeper waters without me! Then, it happened. I thought Milos was safeguard at the swimming pool. But no, he was a profound swimming instructor.

I don’t know why he reached out to me; maybe he saw something in me, he wouldn’t tell me until he proved it to me something I didn’t believe myself. What if I told you he found out I had a gift? You wouldn’t believe me now, would you? I was 22, it was too late for Olympic medals, but I proved myself and others who laughed at me dead wrong! This is how…

Swimming Experience

Personal trainers from Al Ain weren’t like those you see on Google or social media, always focusing on advertising. They care about their clients. As I said, Milos reached to me and said that he saw something in me and that he could teach me how to swim like a shark in no time. And then he went his business. Me and my girlfriend just looked at each other and said nothing.

The next day, something was bugging me. I researched these personal trainers from Al Ain and could see their team of experts, as you can too here. They have a special offer for first applicants (an offer that still stands, by the way), and I didn’t know what got into me, and I gave it a try!

He smiled and said: “Hey, kid, so as the decades of my experience pass by, my keen knowledge for talents never failed me.” I still didn’t believe him. We didn’t start from scratch; I still knew something; it’s just that I lacked proper support from swimming lessons. I didn’t just get swimming training; I got someone who cared.

Swimming Instructor Abu Dhabi

Swimming lesson by swimming lesson, I competed with some of the local talents in Al Ain. All thanks to Milos and the rest of the personal trainers. Despite everyone’s disbelief, I went to the public swimming pool one day and jumped straight to the Olympic swimming pool like a shark! To everyone’s amazement, they all started asking me questions regarding where did I learn all this.

Suddenly, I had everyone’s attention, not just my girlfriend, who was equally amazed too. It’s remarkable what great support, keen knowledge, and faith can do to a human being. And that’s what swimming instructors should do, not to just instruct, but to care for your results and well-being.

Oh, I almost forgot, you are wondering if I told them my secret about swimming lessons? Sure, I gave them a hinch, but the methods of personal trainers from Al Ain are a thing to witness for yourself.

I regularly train in the gym, but some benefits that I’ve noticed from swimming came almost instantly. Let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

An all-inclusive strength and cardio training program

Are you looking for a way to fire up your whole body and burn extra calories on the way? Look no further than swimming lessons in Al Ain. If you don’t have the time to do gym and cardio on the same day, swimming offers both (strength and cardio) in one single personal training session!

And not to say it’s way more fun than the same old treadmill. Giving your muscles a blast and your lungs and heart a challenge is a promise when swimming. After a few swims in the pool, you will notice your heart pumping and your muscles sore like never before.

All-inclusive lessons and swimming instructors await you here

Injured? Swimming will not only keep you safe, but it will also keep your strength and fitness level high!

I’ve only had one serious injury in my life. That’s when I badly injured my rotator cuff. Pilates helped me recover when it was the worse, but swimming helped me regain my strength and fitness faster than just by going to the gym. When I finally recovered, I was nervous about my strength in the gym. And at my amazement, I could easily bench, deadlift and squat without breaking a sweat. Amazing!

You should talk with your swimming instructor, but in my experience with personal trainers from Al Ain, no injury has ever prevented anyone from trying to swim. And the best thing is that it helped them recover faster and it gave them their strength and fitness level back in no time, even when injured!

Swimming Training Abu Dhabi

Bad joints keeping you from doing cardio? Do swimming, instead!

Whichever sport or form of cardio you are training, it can take a toll on your joints, especially if you have bad genetics. You are feeling some discomfort when doing compound movements? You are not alone. But even when we can’t get to the bottom of whatever reason it’s causing it; swimming can fix it!

Instant pain relief that I’ve felt after a long time because of my rotator cuff was a true blessing! After a short time, I could return to my regular gym routine, and I didn’t lose any of my strength!

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Suppose you are trying to make a big change in your life and start some sort of training, congratulations! The hardest part of making change is realizing you need a change. But for beginners, if they are or feel very unfit, the first step to start training is the hardest. So swimming is the best choice here. It allows you to go at your own pace and levels.

Also, if you are an advanced athlete looking for a way to overcome plateaus, swimming offers so much! Whether it’s to increase your endurance, flexibility, or strength, swimming lessons go all the way!

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