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Need a Training Buddy? Hire a Personal Trainer

They all laughed at me in high school when I started thinking about going to the gym. I was too skinny, and I had no genetic advantages; I was practically lost. I didn’t know where to begin. Well, months later, they didn’t laugh at me anymore. They asked me for advice on how I did it! Girls especially…

Hiring a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I made in my life. You see, when you strive towards a specific goal, a.k.a a dream body goal, you need the right kind of support, especially in the beginning.

I remember the time I wanted to prove to everyone who laughed at me. It was physical education class, and there was a bar for pull-ups. Some boys did two or three to impress the girls. I knew the time was right for my move. I walked up to that bar, and everyone started whispering: “Who does he think he is?” “I don’t think he can do even one,” I knew it…they began to tease me.

Then I took off my jacket and was in a tight t-shirt, and everyone already noticed the difference. Still, I would like for you to see the look on their faces when I started doing 15 reps without breaking a sweat!

“Marco, how do you look like that?” “I can’t even recognize you anymore!” “Last summer, you looked so skinny, now you’re bulked! What’s your secret?” I just told them that I heard about a group of personal trainers in Al Ain that took the muscle-building method to the next level!

Personal Trainer

Want to find out what’s the secret? ​

Are you dreaming of getting that beach body goal?

Do you want to wear that bikini suit and walk on that beach like a fashion model? Do you want to bulk up those T-Shirt sleeves and be proud of them?

Whatever your dream body goal is, hiring a personal trainer is the smart way to get it! Regardless of your physique, age, gender, individual goal, you just tell your personal trainer what you want, and he will show you how, with ease!

Personal trainers in Al Ain can help you with:

  • Bulking up with a muscle mass building method that will shock you (I can testify for that, I’ve trained under their method for six years now, and I began with 58kg on my giant 195cm height. Now I have 85kg, and I’ve gained nothing but lean muscle mass!);
  • No more tiring search for the “perfect ” (Talk to the professionals in Al Ain, and they will give you a nutritional plan that suits your goals only!);
  • How to build muscle and lose fat AT THE SAME TIME (Yes! It is possible, personal trainers will show you how, it’s easy);
  • How for your abs to show (No more 100 ab crunches, they will give you a much easier and effective method);
  • How to lose fat on specific areas (Personal trainers in Al Ain will show you a few exercises that will target love-handles, belly fat, and lose arm fat);
  • How to make every dream body goal possible in no time (Professional trainers in Al Ain can structure an individual plan for your dream body goal and be there for you on every step in that journey).

Hiring a Personal Trainer

What’s the purpose of a personal trainer?

I get it. Everybody gets anxious when trying to make a big change in their life. If I can be honest with you, I’ve tried numerous sports, and I just couldn’t fit anywhere. I was either too tall, too skinny, or whatever. It was frustrating, and I loved physical activity. The immense help I got from my personal trainer can’t be measured in words.

Imagine yourself walking into the gym for the first time, saying “Hi” to the people who you see the first time in your life out of courtesy, but you just can’t shake off the anxiety. Finally, you’ve changed into gym clothes, and right on time, you meet your personal trainer Milos from Al Ain’s personal trainer’s team.

This is where the gains begin. In the beginning, you can talk about your dream body goals with your personal trainer, what to focus on, your nutrition plan, and much more.

The best thing is about having a personal trainer because you have a much more clear and objective goal than going on your own.

Personal Trainer Al Ain

Motivation, a clear plan, and the best training buddy you can ask for!

Ah, motivation, the most elusive and yet the most important factor in achieving your dream body goal. No one is perfect. I’ve wanted to quit so many times that I’m embarrassed to count. But you know what? The only person that didn’t laugh about my perseverance, even when I had 58kg on my 195cm, was Milos, the personal trainer from Al Ain. He admired my persistence, and I admired that he didn’t give up on me.

A clear plan means a clear dream body goal. But even that can change over time. So, sometimes it can be hard to stay on track. Personal trainers can help here, too. You know those famous pictures of them holding a notebook? Well, the funny thing is that it’s mostly true, but for a good cause! Personal trainers carefully monitor not only your dream body goals, but every set or rep you do, so you always give your max!

I mean, when I say “best training buddy you can ask for.” You can meet other people in the gym, but you can be a little up-tight in the beginning. Even when resting between sets, your personal trainer is a great conversation starter.

Milos was always great to me. Heck, we even talked about topics outside the gym. The most comforting thing is a personal trainer’s ability to set a “can-do attitude,” you can notice not only in the gym but in other aspects of life.

A new secret method from personal trainers in Al Ain

I thought no “magic pill” or “magic method” would help me reach my dream body goal. You know when you search on Google “how to lose fat fast,” “how to get six-pack abs,” or “how to gain muscle fast.” You start reading, but as you click on various titles, most of them tell DIFFERENT things! It’s frustrating!

I did just that in the beginning but hiring a personal trainer, who has decades-worth experience, was my ace in the hole. And I’m going to tell you, Milos-method I jokingly called it, did work like magic on me:

  • I’ve gained a constant 1-1.5kg of weight per month;
  • I racked up those weights faster than anyone in the gym;
  • I never felt lost; I always felt certainty and had a clear plan;
  • I’ve gained lean muscle mass more quickly than I could believe;
  • Note: Whatever your dream body goal is, even if it’s different than mine, a personal trainer is your best training buddy all the way!

Hire a Personal Trainers

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