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Kids Training: Treat Your Kid With Training In Abu Dhabi

Dad, can you show me how you do pull-ups?”

“Mom and dad, I have a great idea! Can I join you for your jogging session on the weekends?”

“Dad, let me show you a move that I just learned at soccer training. I bet I can pass the ball through your legs!”

Whatever your choice of kids training with your kid is, sport, swimming, or simply jogging, you can’t go wrong there. I assume these sentences above are becoming rarer. Kids these days think it’s equally entertaining to play sports on computers and consoles.

But, no! Your kid has so many benefits to train some sport that I can’t emphasize it enough. It all revolves around the physical, cognitive, and social benefits your kids get from training. Health in general!

The emotional moments cheering for your kid when he surpasses the final defender and shots that ball and shakes that net! The crowd goes wild! Or partaking in swimming lessons, you cheering for that time-breaking record, and your kid shines! Basketball, another popular sport, your kid does his first touchdown and NAILS IT!

What if I tell you there is a fitness center that can offer almost everything for your kid to shine? Fitness Vibes in Abu Dhabi consists of professional personal trainers that can help your kids rise and shine, keep them motivated and hardworking!

Kids Training in Abu Dhabi

There are countless benefits for your kids when training

As I said, there are countless benefits for your kids when training, so many that I just can’t count them here. However, I can categorize them into a few subtitles. There is nothing more fulfilling for you as a parent than having a kid who looks after themselves. Who knows? Maybe there is a hidden talent that can make him a sports-star!

1. Jimmy, let’s see if you can hit that tree 30 meters away

Jimmy wasn’t much good at the beginning of soccer practice, but his personal trainers took him in, and Jimmy moves like a jaguar! A special talent of Jimmy is that he’s a good middle fielder and can almost pass the ball to the player with peak accuracy 30 meters away! Maybe a promising career for Jimmy…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a kid like Jimmy? Well, you can! Personal trainers specialize in emphasizing the benefits of your kids training in soccer. An individual approach is the best approach, and personal trainers do just that!

2. I’ll set up the timer, and you go as fast as you can

Sprinting or jogging has about the same health benefits for your kid. It promotes cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system, and many other benefits for bones and muscles.

Now young Michael here was the slowest in the class of physical education. You know kids, they can be mean. Our boy, Michael, asked his parents if he can give it a try with personal trainers.

Did he prove them wrong the next summer. No one knew Micheal was secretly training with personal trainers. Next sprint for physical education, Michael left them in the dust! Jaw-dropping looks as Michael ran like a cheetah in the hunt for prey. Parents, you can do this too; just contact us here.

Kid Training Abu Dhabi

3. He swam like a shark in the seas

Swimming is one of the most physically demanding sports there is, but it has tremendous health benefits for kids just because it’s like that. Not to mention that water can be dangerous if someone is not careful. Keep your kid safe and sound with the swimming lessons we offer here.

The many physical benefits are joint health, increased lung capacity, muscle strengthens the heart and psychological benefits. Dedication is learned through life practices, and what better way is to understand that than through individual kids training and sports.

4. Weight lifting for kids? Is that even real?

Okay, we need to be particularly careful because there is a lot of disinformation and myths regarding this subject. Most parents think that strength training is going to make their kids bulky. No! Your kids don’t have the endocrine support for that to happen.

Of course, personal trainers know how much, how often, and how many times a week is enough. A personal trainer knows how to properly warm up for a proper kids training session with your kid, which is crucial. Kids can get bored doing the same thing, right? Personal trainers have equally fun programs and the right amount of challenge, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Kids Personal Trainer

5. You choose the type of sports, and we offer support

Your kids have their wishes; it would be best to respect them. Also, remember that one of the best role models for your kids is the athletes themselves! Maybe your kids saw you as you swang your “invisible racket” cheering for Federer or whoever your favorite tennis player is, and they start copying you. Next thing you know it, he kindly asks you for a personal trainer of sports of their choice!

Whatever your kid’s wish is, we have a network of personal trainers that offer the ultimate support for ultimate growth!

We do have a special offer for enthusiastic parents that are our very first applicants. Tell us your kid’s story here, and we will hook you up with a professional.


Dear parents, you’re surely going to be one of the rarer groups of people because sports demands dedication, motivation, and a “can-do attitude.” There is no better way of teaching your kid this than with sports. We will listen to you and your kid’s demands and wishes, hook you up with a personal trainer, and the results are going to be wonderful!

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