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Hire A Personal Trainer: The Best Way To Get Fit

Health is at the top in almost everyone’s priority list in current times. The fast-paced life, the quick fix meals, the on-the-go brunch, and the 9 to 5 corporate jobs are some factors that contribute heavily towards declining health. To get health back on track; crash diets, early morning sprints, and gym workouts are meticulously planned and put out on cards. But, are they ever executed consistently? Do these plans serve the purpose for which they are created?

Did you know that 50% of new gym members drop out within 6 months? (IHRSA)

The one trait that fitness enthusiasts are required to develop is ‘consistency’. Lack of consistency will cause your entire fitness plan to swindle down to rubble.

Let’s look at a few other reasons why many quit even before they start despite signing up for a workout/gym subscription.

  • Early burn out:

If you go from ‘no exercise at all’ to a vigorous workout routine, it’s like going from a 0 to 100 really quick. This results in weariness, muscle soreness, and a feeling of burn out that will keep you from waking up the next morning and head to the gym.

  • Don’t know where to start: 

You should know that resolving to get fit isn’t enough. You have plenty of groundwork to cover – planning workout routine, selecting the right exercises, fitness diet, and so much more. This requires acumen in the area of health, fitness, and nutrition. Although you can research and jot down a schedule, the execution of the plan will require experience. A mere trial and error method won’t do it if you are chasing ambitious targets.

  • Injury:

Not all exercises suit your body. But, how will you know if a particular exercise will benefit you or not? What if an exercise results in an injury? Yes, this is possible. Workouts require you to breathe right and maintain a certain posture. Not knowing to exercise correctly can result in injury, which in turn will put you on a bench of recovery putting an end to your fitness plans.

  • Lack of cheer:

When you complete a set milestone or shed the extra pounds you have been striving to lose, you need a cheer squad! Yes, that gratification serves as a booster dose that will drive you to work towards achieving the next target. An absence of cheer or just a simple Well done! will drain the motivation and desire to keep up with the fitness routine.

If you have dropped out of a fitness plan due to reasons listed above or perhaps you have other reasons, here is your solution.

Hire a personal trainer!


Fitness vibes personal trainers in Abu Dhabi Hire a personal trainer!

Before we get to discussing why you should consider hiring a personal trainer to work with, let’s look at reasons to not workout alone.

Why you mustn’t workout alone?

Firstly, it isn’t fun!

Getting onboard a fitness routine to better your health is not a one-stop destination. It’s a long road that is best travelled if you have a good/positive company guiding and cheering you forward.

Secondly, you will be held accountable if you don’t show up. It’s tempting to skip a workout session or take a bite of that delicious looking Krispy Kreme Donut whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you are by yourself, there is a good chance that you will succumb to these temptations.

Thirdly, working out with a partner will expose you to new exercises or diets that you can try out. Also, you can put yourself up for a round of healthy competition that can help you surge ahead with newfound motivation and zeal.

Now that we have deduced that a fitness routine in the presence of a good company is better than a fitness routine by yourself, let’s get you into some good company – Let’s get you a personal trainer.

If you are still wondering if you can do all this by yourself – Yes, you can! However, before you decide on DIYing your fitness journey, let’s quickly look at 10 advantages you can derive by hiring a personal trainer.

Perks of hiring a personal trainer:

1.Helps set realistic goals:

Fitness routines are more often than not built on the basis of an unrealistic goal – Lose 10 kgs in a month, workout 7 days a week, eat only one meal a day, among others. The desire to achieve a fitness goal can drive you down paths that can cause you harm. If you have a fitness trainer by your side, he/she won’t let you make such a mistake.

2. Educates you:

What do personal trainers do best? They teach their clients how to exercise, set a workout routine, plan a diet, and thereby, achieve fitness goals. Partnering with a personal trainer will not just yield you there-and-then pointers; instead, it will help you garner tried and tested know-hows that are best for your body. You will learn what kind of regime works for your body and what doesn’t. Furthermore, you will get to know the dos and don’ts that you can not reach and learn off of a website.

3. Won’t let you give up:

When you have kept at it and yet have not witnessed the desired results, you may feel like giving up and abandoning the workout routine. Your personal trainer is aware of such times and hence, he/she will plan a routine that will have a rotation of workout variants. This way, you will experience boredom on your way to better health.

4. Helps reach your fitness goals faster:

Your personal trainer will guide you every step of the way – correcting your posture, regulating your breathing, changing your daily exercise calendar to match your fitness, among others. This will help you gain a good form over a period of time which in turn facilitates improved fitness levels. In the absence of a trainer, there is a possibility of injury which will keep you from working out.

5. Helps with your specific needs:

Let’s say you have an event to attend in the foreseeable future for which you are required to wear a certain outfit. However, you are not in shape to wear such a dress.

Let’s look at another example. 

You intend to run a marathon for a cause and realize that your body isn’t conditioned to participate.

What do you do? Yes, call your trainer for help. Your personal trainer will know what abs workout to assign to help you fit into that dress. Also, when an event that requires a fitness exhibition, he/she will help you strengthen and prepare you to meet the challenge ahead of you.

6. Helps make the most of the session time:

With your personal trainer by your side, each minute of your training session will be utilized towards achieving your fitness goals. No time will be wasted. On the other hand, if you were to work out on your own, you may find it difficult to pack in exercise variants efficiently in one session’s time to derive effective results.

7. Help better your mental health:

Many who have mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and the like, turn to a holistic fitness regime to help manage these issues. A personal trainer, while keeping in mind any medication prescribed in such cases, assign exercises that will help in mental health management. He/she will also ensure that the diet schedule is planned to complement the workout routine and medication consumed.

8. Help streamline lifestyle:

Your lifestyle is a combination of good habits as well as bad ones. While working with a personal trainer, the bad habits that keep you from reaching your health goals will be identified. The trainer will also make a plan to rid you of this vice while replacing it with a good habit. Trainers are also known to use tools including habit trackers and reminders to help you streamline your lifestyle to accommodate only the good and eliminating the bad.

9. Provide One-on-One attention:

Hiring a personal trainer will give you his/her undivided attention for a committed time. You can discuss your past mistakes, current plan, and future actions regarding your fitness ambition. Additionally, you can also discuss how you are feeling during the course of the plan, what to eat, what to avoid (both in terms of food and habits), among others. Your trainer will be by your side every step of the way cheering you on, modifying your routine to fit your health, and also give you a gentle nudge when you are off your game.

10. Accommodate your time and location preferences:

If you hire a personal trainer, in addition to receiving all the perks listed above, you will also gain in terms of comfort. Your trainer will meet you at a location you are comfortable with and also accommodate your time suggestions. You can strike out time and location from your challenges list as your trainer will work relentlessly to help you achieve your goals.

Bottom line:

When health is what’s at stake, don’t withhold yourself from self-investment. Give yourself nothing but the best. You can choose to get fit all by yourself. However, researching, planning, executing the plan, and holding yourself accountable can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Why go through such a grind alone when an expert can lead and guide you throughout? Your personal training can be fun and effective, all at the same time.

Hire a personal trainer today!

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