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Feeling Stressed? No Time For Regular Training? Do Yoga Classes in Al Ain

I had some prejudices about yoga classes. I thought it was tedious and that it won’t challenge my body in any way. Not only was I proved wrong, not only was I physically challenged, but my mind was up for a different path altogether.

It wasn’t easy for me to fit college obligations, volunteering experience, a part-time job, and to have an active physical life. Luckily, I contacted personal trainer Abu Dhabi, and they introduced me to yoga classes. It was a perfect combination of physical and psychological training for my…well, everyone’s well-being.

The best thing about yoga classes is the possibility for you doing in indoors and outdoors. Where do you feel most relaxed? Do you have a special spot for it? Well, use it now to do yoga and be mesmerized by the many benefits for YOU, including:

  • How to feel more relaxed in even the most stressful life experiences (yoga can teach you the basics of staying calm in most situations);
  • How to be more flexible (you know that feeling when you get off your working chair and feel sore? No more of that! Do yoga!);
  • How to use teachings from yoga classes in everyday life (when practicing poses, you are learning to be more tranquil, and you can use them in various life situations); them
  • How to get the most of any training session by just doing yoga;
  • How to fall asleep in a matter of minutes (no more pills or various techniques that don’t work, yoga does a wonderful job to help you fall asleep faster than ever);

Yoga has been proven to combine the best physical and psychological challenges in one training or yoga session.

Yoga Classes in Abu Dhabi

Now let’s dig deep into the details of why it would be best for you to try yoga classes. Something I will always remember from the personal trainers in Al Ain, who are yoga experts. The quote goes: “It’s not always about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself.”

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A perfect addition to your regular training sessions

Are you feeling run down by doing the same thing before or after training? Treadmill or jogging? You ask yourself that every time. How about something new, something original? Yoga is an ideal addition to your regular training session.

Practicing various positions in yoga, you can target specific areas that are usually hard to hit, whatever your gym goal is. Looking to stack up weights even more? Yoga strengthens your core, corrects your posture, and works your overall body so that you can feel the difference in your strength in no time!

You keep jogging and doing cardio so that you can lose overall fat or fat in specific areas. Yoga can help you do that simultaneously! There are so many positions in yoga that can challenge your body to its maximum; get that heart pumping and fat-blasting away!

Yoga Classes in Al Ain

What is Mindful Eating? Can it help me stick to my nutrition plan?

What does mindfulness have to do with yoga, and how does that benefit you?

I know you are trying your best to stick to your diet, so the gym results follow. Your worst enemy? Well, it’s you. I do sound a little bit cliché at this moment, but let me enlighten you.

The concept of “diet” is a little overrated. You will stick with it for some time, and then you will go back to your old habits, most of us do, which is OK. Why not change your lifestyle? No, it’s not Mission Impossible. With yoga, there are a few science-based pieces of evidence from Harvard University:

  • How to control your emotional eating in sight or smell of food;
  • How to manage your impulsive eating when feeling distressed;
  • How to manage your eating when feeling

Many other benefits are included for YOU, and all you have to do is dedicate a couple of minutes of your time. Yoga practitioners sensed they now have much greater control of their eating habits.

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Cardiovascular Benefits in Yoga Classes

Regular cardio can make your heart pumping, but it usually takes more time. Why not do a couple of yoga positions for half the time than doing traditional cardio (running on a treadmill or jogging)? It will get your heart pumping, calories burning, and you will feel relaxed after it!

Remember, yoga does so many good things regarding your heart health that I just can’t count them here. Several proven facts are lowering blood pressure, improves the “bad cholesterol” in your body, and lowering blood sugar.

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My personal opinion and experience with yoga

I’ve never been proved that wrong than with yoga. Do yourself a favor and imagine this scenario. You had a hard day of work or studying; you barely made it to train and too tired for cardio. Yoga is a life-saver here; for a fraction of a time, you get high-quality heart-pumping cardio that does so much good for you!

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