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Breathe In Relaxation – Book Yoga Classes In Abu Dhabi

It’s vital to find time for yourself. Sometimes, you can measure someone’s happiness by the amount of time one finds for themselves. Few things can be equally relaxing for your body and soothing for your soul than yoga. There is no better way to reconnect to yourself and bring some much-needed self-love than with yoga classes.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said we have five senses – smell, touch, sight, taste, and hearing. We now know there are way more, and how can yoga help elevate your senses and help you relax?

We take our senses for granted, and we don’t emphasize enough their ability to perceive the beauty of our world. While practicing various poses in yoga, you can bond with your body like never before because you’re concentrating on specific areas.

Stress and anxiety, we just can’t get enough of that these days, am I right? If you’re looking for your own “get-away spot” and a personal place of solitude, one of the main purposes of yoga is just that! The stress-relieving potential of yoga is limitless.

Emotions make us humans, but sometimes it’s difficult to cope with them, and we bury them inside us. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could let it all go? In that particular moment when you needed it the most and felt those emotions with every ounce of your body and noticed instant relief? Yoga is a great way to build that kind of mind-body connection.

Book Yoga Classes in Abu Dhabi

You hit a plateau in your training routine? Looking for a quick solution to keep those gains on track again? Well, yoga is an interesting approach to overcome that plateau. Your body is a perfect adapting machine, so yoga is a much-needed change to your daily training routine. It will also boost muscle flexibility and contraction.

There are many benefits if you start practicing yoga and many yoga classes to choose from in Abu Dhabi. Fitness Vibes provides their customers the ultimate setup regarding strength training, weight loss training, any kind of body transformation, and their most recent feature – yoga classes.

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We will get into the specific benefits you get from yoga, and keep in mind that it’s a fairly easy discipline to learn. There are many levels, and if you want to stay on some level that suits your needs, that’s fine. Some want to challenge and push themselves further for some of the most challenging poses in yoga.

Whichever you choose, you will surely notice a substantial difference in your life. Here are some of the rock-solid proven benefits of yoga.

Yoga Classes | Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer

Improves General Psychological Wellbeing You Can Use During Training

We all have our ups and downs in life. The same thing can happen to any of us when training. You’re out there, working or studying, thinking there is so little time that you barely manage to fit in training or/and yoga to your routine.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Your personal trainer Abu Dhabi Fitness Center can show you a couple of yoga techniques you can do at home before or after training. Their amazing knowledge will show you just how perfectly yoga and your training routine work together.

Whether you train at home or in the gym, yoga classes are an ideal blend in. You know that amazing “pump-up” feeling after training? Well, just imagine the double benefit you could get when combining your training routine. After (or before) training, you partake in a yoga class and experience at the same time that “pumped-up” feeling and the blissfulness after yoga.

The main psychological benefits of yoga classes are increased concentration, focus, and resting of the muscles after it. A true “I can conquer the world” feeling and attitude after this win-win combination.

A Great Way To Overcome Plateaus

Plateaus are difficult to handle. They occur through a time when you train for years. Although you do the best you can to keep your training routine and nutritional plan variable, it just doesn’t do the trick.

There are different plateaus: ones regarding gaining weight (or muscle mass) and losing weight. Don’t get discouraged if you hit one of these plateaus; they are normal.

Give yourself a pat on the back for following the right nutritional plan and training routine. A plateau only signals that you need a change to keep going with the body transformation results.

Yoga classes fit in here perfectly. The conclusions are not as clear as in the other topics we cover. Still, yoga certainly improves muscle flexibility that benefits you during training. Remember, you do “damage” to the muscles when you train; rest makes them grow. Yoga is a certain factor that contributes to the overall “rest-effect.”

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Book Your Yoga Class | Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer

Strength Training or Hypertrophy Training – Yoga Classes Improve Both!

Whether you’re an amateur or professional powerlifter whose focus is to bind the limits of human strength, yoga fits the equation to success.

In yoga classes, you partake poses in different levels of difficulty. Each of these challenges your body because you build stability and balance, which are needed when you lift enormous weights.

Just like when you lift or twitch those enormous weights. In yoga, you challenge your body with different poses, holding those positions longer and longer each time. The benefits come when you keep stacking up the bar.

Hypertrophy training is a different approach. The mobility and flexing of your muscles in this type of training are crucial. Yoga contemplates here ideally because you practice or “train” your muscles through mobility and flexing, but just the weight of your body basis.

Helps Maintain an Adequate Metabolism Rate

Most of your body transformation equation comes to your diet or nutrition plan. The main benefits of yoga on your metabolism are the following:

  • Digestion: practicing your core muscles on the areas of the abdomen, believe it or not, helps your digestive system work Practicing specific poses in yoga targets your abdomen muscles. The benefit for you is double: it builds your abs and helps your body digest nutritious food better. Planks are the best example.
  • Circulation: we all know somebody that has frequent problems with cold feet or Their problem is not having enough oxygen going to their body. The same goes for muscles and training. Yoga will enhance the body’s ability to get more oxygen to your muscles when training. So, you will feel that “muscle pump” feeling after a workout is even more intense!
  • Muscle: the best thing about yoga is that it targets your larger muscle groups, which are a little more challenging to train. Yoga will test the limits of body strength and stability. Hence, it helps with building more muscles, which equals more calories.

Cardio and Circulatory Health + Bonus Weight Loss Reduction

Taking yoga classes is one of the most interesting ways to improve your circulatory system and help you lose weight.

There are a few poses in yoga that enhance how your heart works. Downward dog is a pose in yoga that emphasizes the circulatory system and keeps your heart working in top-notch condition. Why does this concern you?

If you like jogging in the gym or out in the open, that’s considered one of the best activities for the circulatory system. You can feel the difference if you have a combo of yoga + jogging. Both of these activities complement each other, and you will certainly feel the benefits of doing both. Heck, you can even do yoga after a good run out in the open. Fitness Vibes personal trainers can structure a program just for you.

To trigger weight loss, you need to keep that heart rate up and calories burning—also, a more challenging type of yoga classes. Hot yoga or Bikram include difficult positions that will make your heart soar and just feel those calories burning.

Yoga Classes Abu Dhabi | Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi

Increases the Overall Quality of Your Sleep

Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass or lose weight, sleep is of fundamental importance. Why? Because of the hormones! They regulate everything in your body. Hormones control how much excess weight or calories you will burn (insulin) or how much lean muscle mass you will gain (testosterone and growth hormone).

It’s like our body has a tiny calculator in the brain that, when you have a good night’s sleep, hormones step in and help you reach your body transformation goal.

Where does yoga fit in? It is some sort of physical exercise that not only tires your body and you fall asleep faster but also controls your breathing. The best thing about yoga classes is that you can do them anytime during the day, even right before bed.

Yoga Nidra is a special breathing technique you can do before bed that focuses on deep relaxation. The main benefit is that you train your body to enter a meditation state,

which implies when you lie in your bed. Studies suggest that it helped them fall asleep faster.

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Enhances Your Life

To conclude our topics in a few sentences, taking yoga classes is beneficial in many ways. It trains your body, mind, and soul, and it indirectly impacts how well you perform in all areas of life. Gym, jogging, dancing, or just about any physical exercise, yoga classes are the finest addition you can partake in.

Why shouldn’t you try it? It’s not that physically demanding, you can master it more quickly, and personal trainers are here for you in every step of your body transformation goal. Yoga will certainly fit into the equation, and the effects are almost immediate!

Conclusions About Yoga

Some people are indeed skeptical about yoga and are not sure where to start. But personal trainers can help you begin properly and have a continuous journey to the body transformation goal you long for. The effects of yoga are tested in scientific research, and many of them are yet to conclude that yoga is the most soothing solution for many goals in our free time.

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