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Having a personal trainer is crucial for achieving your fitness goals. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight, gain muscle, or just get in shape and improve your overall health, I can help you reach your goal!

My online personal training program for ladies is individual and tailored to your own needs and goals. It includes a custom workout program and a meal plan put together by our nutrition expert. The best of all is that the whole program is done through an app so that you can work out wherever and whenever suits best for you.

Start your fitness journey with me and experience all the benefits of following a personalized mentorship program!

Get to know Maria, an experienced personal trainer in Abu Dhabi

Hi, my name is Maria, and I will be your very own personal trainer! I am a graduated sports coach and female personal trainer specialized in weight loss, body transformation, pre and postnatal training, and group and home personal training. You can learn more about my qualifications and experience on my profile page.

I truly believe that an active lifestyle shouldn’t be a luxury but a necessity. My mission is to give you the motivation to work hard and help you achieve your fitness goals!

With my online mentorship program, you can forget about going to the gym and paying substantial amounts of money for a personal trainer. I offer you a full workout and diet plan that you can easily follow at home through an app.

On this app, you get access to your workout schedule and videos in which I demonstrate the exercises so that you can follow along in the comfort of your home.

If you have any questions regarding the plan or a specific exercise, I’m here to help you and offer you 24/7 online support!

If you want to transform your body and become the healthiest version of yourself, you need a good diet plan that will match your workout plan. In your app, you can also access your personalized meal plan put together by our nutritionist. Combining these two will help you lose weight and get in shape in no time!

Start leading a healthy and fulfilled life with the guidance of an experienced personal trainer!

Here's what you get from singing up to a personal trainer program at Fitness Vibes

Do you need a weight loss trainer to help you achieve your ideal body but lack time and desire to visit the gym? Or do you simply want to tone up and get into shape but don’t know where to start?

Whatever your goals are, following an online personalized mentorship program will help you achieve them at home, without visiting the gym!

This is not just another generic personal training program that you will pay for and immediately forget about. I focus on every client individually and make the perfect personal training program to match your everyday lifestyle, current fitness level, and ultimate fitness goals.

Many years of experience with various clients taught me that setting achievable goals is equally important as carrying out the workout program. Whether it’s aimed at fat loss or muscle gain, body transformation is a long-term process in which you need to focus not only on the way you look but also on your physical and mental health and the way you feel throughout the process.

After a detailed consultation about your current fitness level and the desired outcome, I will create a thorough individual workout plan tailored to your needs. Our expert nutritionist will compose a meal plan that will follow your workout so that your eating habits accelerate your fitness journey. Additionally, you will get constant motivation and 24/7 free support from me, your home personal trainer, to help you adopt sustainable and healthy habits and enjoy a more active life.

Start your journey today and achieve your ideal body in the comfort of your home with the guidance of an experienced personal trainer!


Personal trainer in Abu Dhabi

By signing up for our online personal training program with Maria, you will get a custom training plan and a meal plan tailored to your goals. In addition, your coach will provide you with 24/7 support and constant motivation to follow through and reach your ultimate goal.

Training plan and program

Your home personal trainer will compose a custom workout plan for you, which you will access through our online app. On this app, you can watch detailed videos of her performing and explaining every exercise, so you can easily follow her at home.

Nutrition consultation and meal plan

After a detailed discussion with our expert nutritionist, you will get a custom meal plan according to your fitness goals, which you can access through the same app. This meal plan will give you strength for your daily exercise and help you feel better and achieve good health!

Consultation with a psychotherapist regarding nutrition

We know how hard it is to follow through with a new diet. That is why we offer you free consultations with a psychotherapist if needed to help you shift your mindset and maintain healthy eating habits.

24/7 support

Have doubts or questions about your workout plan? Our program offers free 24/7 support from your personal trainer! Feel free to contact her for help anytime, and she will answer your questions and clear all your doubts!


Do you crave change in your lifestyle but don’t seem to have the motivation to follow through? Your coach is here to motivate you through the process and make exercising an enjoyable experience!

Monthly pricing 600 AED

See the results of my personal training!

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