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How To Blast Away Fat – New Method From Personal Trainers in Abu Dhabi

How much personal trainers helped my friend and me, I will start with a story. There were two guys named Dusan and Stefan. One had a problem with gaining weight, and the other losing weight. We will focus on the guy that had problems with losing weight.

Constantly putting up with rude names and all that comes with it, Stefan and Dusan, both great friends, decided to dedicate themselves to…themselves in the gym. It’s not always about the physical appearance, but the psychological effect of it, too.

We both didn’t exactly know what we were doing in the gym. We had totally opposite goals. Oh, man, I could never forget the look in the people’s eyes, especially the girls…we looked a bit pathetic. Everybody had doubts, but we had a massive stroke of luck. This was when personal trainers got in the story.

No more weird looks of people secretly laughing at you, but the faces of admiration, boys or girls… towards you. All you need is proper motivation, persistence, and a training plan that suits your dream body goal. Your personal trainer will help with all of these!

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Whether your goal is to lose fat fast or gaining muscle mass, personal trainers are experts in formulating individual plans that adapt to your goals.

Fitness Vibes consists of personal trainers that specialize in losing fat fast only. You can see their qualifications here. A new method they developed can help you reach your dream body goal in no time!

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We will get into the basics of losing fat fast and segmenting the entire plan into a few categories. You can discuss the details with your personal trainer cause it all depends on your personal goal.

These headlines below are just tips and tricks that are factors that are gonna help you determine how effectively you’re going to lose fat prior to working out. Remember, we all can boast about how hard we work out in the gym for an hour or two, but the rest of the 24 hours of your day are also crucial to success!

Remember that friend Dusan I mentioned in the beginning? Well, he was and still is my best friend. Personal trainers with extensive knowledge and their new method you can try out helped him reach his dream body goal faster than he can say: “Chocolate cake.”

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1. Drink a lot of water (I do mean, a lot)!

Whatever your dream body looks like, picture it in your mind. Your goals are your own, but without water, all your gains are going to suffer, literally.

For losing fat, fast water is essential to increasing your metabolism rate. Drinking water can increase your overall metabolism rate by a whopping 24-30% throughout the day. Now that’s rapid progress!

If you’re one of those people who tend to forget to drink water and stay hydrated, I can help you with this. Just put your favorite fruit in it, leave it in the fridge for an hour (or a

whole day, even better)! The final result is: you wish to make more the next day, and your daily water intake is optimal!

2. There are a lot of alternatives to snacks

We’ve all been there, someone just bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and you’re just over there…drooling. Or your favorite flavor of chips. There is a solution for these cravings, and they are super easy to prepare.

Instead of store-bought ice cream, you can make your own. There are so many healthy alternatives online. You only need a blender, fruit, milk, and utensil for freezing it. Mix it, pour it, freeze it, enjoy it!

To lose fat fast, simple carbohydrates are your worst enemy, especially sugar. They spike you with energy, but only for a brief moment, and bam! It pummels you to sleep. You don’t want that when you’re in your training session. Nuts, oats with fruits, banana milk, shakes with protein powder are a fantastic alternative, and they are delicious!

You can ask your personal trainer for your nutrition plan to keep you going, and getting you closer to your dream body goal.

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3. Should I do cardio or lift weights?

Ah, the million-dollar question! It seems that every personal trainer has their own opinion on this. But here is what science and research are saying.

  • Lifting weights is going to increase your metabolism rate for 24 Where cardio wasn’t found that dramatic increase in your metabolism rate;
  • There is no truth about that famous (and dumb) saying that you can turn fat into Heck, no! But lifting weights will definitely make you look more fit, have a nice round butt, and a more sculpted body overall. Cardio can help you do this too, but with more limitations;
  • The best way is always, if not sure: Do Personal trainers at Fitness Vibes combine the best of these two in a new method of losing fat fast you can see for yourself.

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4. Tired of endless varieties of diets?

There are so many diet programs out there. On the internet, books, and they are constantly developing new ones! How can an average Joe differentiate which ones are going to suit his dream body goal?

Personal trainers only deal with scientifically tested methods of losing fat fast. Like many diet programs out there, your personal trainer will certainly adapt the nutrition plan that only suits you as an individual.

Diet programs don’t care about that. A large number of them only boast how they can (allegedly) get you in shape for only a couple of weeks.

The best diet is the one that you manage to stick to within the long term. Personal trainers make sure of that, and they make sure that steady progress is the best progress! I was amazed at how their new tested-out method works on clients!

Fat Loss Method

5. Your only track of success – no notebook – just your mirror

Be ready to blast away some selfies and pictures in the gym or in your home. There is no need for tedious writing in your notebook about how many calories you are supposed to eat the next day. Leave that to your personal trainer!

Fitness Vibes in Abu Dhabi came up with a losing fat fast program that doesn’t require any complex keeping on-track process. Your personal trainer takes care of any necessary notes when he judges it’s the right time. Your only job is to stay motivated and be persistent!

Smile and pose away for social media when you feel like it. Your old clothes will fit you better, or new ones even more. Guys, roll up those sleeves and be prepared to fill up

those shirt sleeves and those abs to finally show. Girls, be ready for that ultimate bikini body that you can show off. Fitness Vibes‘ new fast-losing fat method will blast you away!

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