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Are You Making These Mistakes While Trying To Lose Fat?

Trying to stay consistent with your dream body goals is a hard thing to do. And I’m speaking from personal experience when I started going to the gym with my best friend, Dusan. He had a big problem with lose fat, and I had the opposite problem – gaining weight. But let’s focus on the losing fat part. This article is about that.

Like yourselves, ambitious readers who have struggled with losing fat. You probably do the same thing, as my friend Dusan did a long time ago before he found out about this easy-to-follow and revolutionary new method from personal trainers in Al Ain. Asking for advice, reading on what to eat from books or internet articles, switching from one diet to another, it’s tiring.

What if there was a new method to losing fat? Where you don’t have to struggle with switching diets, a clear-to-follow fat loss program, where you can combine the best from strength training and cardio. The best thing about this fat loss program is your ruler of success – no, it’s not just the scale. It’s your mirror and a brand new swimsuit you can wear with pride!

While I was busy trying to stack up weight fast, I could see my friend Dusan struggling with a different goal – losing fat. He switched countless diets, training programs, kept reading on new scientific revelations, but nothing kept him on his track. Everything else went fine for him. He was building muscle, stacked up weights, and gained strength. He was doing pretty fine, except for the losing fat part.

Then I heard about this new amazing fat loss program from a personal trainer. When Dusan heard of it, he couldn’t believe that he tried to be so complex about his approach to losing fat, where personal trainers from Al Ain structured their program to be super easy to follow.

Let them focus on the complexity of your dream body goal. At the same time, you are only left to follow simple instructions from them, and success is Guaranteed. After two weeks, he noticed these benefits:

  • How to lose fat in areas that are hard to target. Love handles, excess fat on the chest, arms, and backside.
  • How to build lean muscle and lose fat at the same time! Magic? No, just pure expertise from personal trainers in Al Ain.
  • How to keep up with your nutrition plan. No more complex diets that you have to count every calorie. Just a straightforward nutrition plan that is so easy to follow.
  • How to structure your training program to serve your purpose and goal only. An individualistic approach is the best kind of approach, and that’s what this fat loss program offers!

Strength Training, Cardio, or both?

Making These Mistakes While Trying To Lose Fat

Ah, the million dollars question. I constantly hear it when someone is talking about it in the gym, and I’m not eavesdropping! 🙂

Some or confused and rather stick to the myth that you have to go jogging in the dawn, and sometimes do not eat anything. Heck, even my friend Dusan was that crazy. While it can be logical to think this method will help you, our bodies do not function that way. Why? Hormones! When you don’t have a night of adequate sleep, hormones can’t do their jobs to help you reach your dream body goal. More of this topic later.

To close the deal, it’s all about your metabolism rate. And what is the best way to raise it? Through strength training! Lifting weights training not only burns more calories than your

traditional cardio, but it will boost your metabolism rate by 24 hours! Traditional cardio can’t do that.

I have nothing against cardio. You can complement your regular strength training with cardio to get the best results. Personal trainers from Al Ain will know exactly and how much of it, depending on your dream body goal.

Extend hips and knees to drive up out of squat position. Repeat for specified reps. Beginners should focus on perfecting form and technique before adding resistance. Perform bodyweight Squats or Wall Squats if you are beginner.

Fibers vs Carbohydrates vs Healthy fats (and unhealthy)

There are three types of carbohydrates: fibers, starchy carbohydrates, and simple carbohydrates.

I will be brief about this topic. Fibers are found in wholegrain cereal, beans, nuts, even potatoes but with skin and its lesser-known twin sweet potato. You can eat fibers all day if you want; they won’t raise your insulin levels which is key to keep your metabolism rate in tone.

Starchy carbohydrates are found in potatoes without the skin, bread, rice, and corn. You have to be very moderate about these cause they will influence your insulin levels and metabolism rate. Simple carbohydrates are the bad twins here. Sugar, refined carbohydrates can be found in sweets and processed food. Please avoid them.

Tricky questions are healthy fats. Wait, isn’t all fat bad? No! Healthy fats are found in avocados, cheese, fatty fish, and olive oil. Some diets exclude carbohydrates and include healthy fats only. There is still discussion whether this is effective cause healthy fats are much more caloric than carbohydrates.

Are you suppose to go Protein Diet all the way?

I will explain this in one paragraph. There is some dangerous misinformation that eating only protein will help you lose fat. Listen here; your body needs fuel to get through the day. If you eat only protein and nothing else, you will start losing fat and muscle mass too! Not to mention fatigue ness, lack of sleep, overall focus, and inability to train properly due to lack of energy. Please don’t do this to your body.

The most unstressed factor of all when chasing your dream body goal – Your sleep

I’m not going to bore you on how important sleep is for your body. I will focus only on the losing fat part. No one wants to read about how hormones work for your dream body goals. I will only advise you to rethink your sleep routine if you have trouble with it.

When you sleep, you see your body is making the necessary calculations on how many calories you have burned during that time. The current check status of your metabolism rate and how much fat you are going to loseIt’s amazing! It’s like you are having mini-robots telling your body what’s going to improve. And most of the dream body magic happens when you are resting.

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