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Why You Should Consider Signing Up Your Kid for Training

I was walking the other day, Coronavirus restrictions have finally simmered down, and I had the chance to see: what are the common folks doing? Especially families and kid’s training. Everyone had a tough time during the lockdown because the free time at home usually did mean free time, but everything got so confusing during this crisis.

So, what have I noticed? NOTHING! I didn’t see any drastic change in people’s lives. It the usual. The most dramatic evidence I’ve found in my extended family. It’s always about phones and computers. Somehow, it’s gotten more entertaining to play sports on a digital device than to do it!

I’m not an old-fashioned guy, I like video games, and I like to play them with my younger cousins. But everything has its limits. So when I suggested the idea to play football with my cousins, most of them said no, but one said yes. Yay! I convinced one kid to play sports in real life. Hooray for me. Who knew it could be that hard?

Kid's Training

The laughing, kicking, smiling, and thrilling experience of playing sports outside was mesmerizing for my cousins and kids that they left their phones! They left them and began playing with us. We even organized a mini-game. I was the goalkeeper.

Do you know what the best thing about this story is? Kid’s training is an essential part of their good upbringing. The sweetest sound of my life was: “Hey, Stefan, can we organize another game like that? Or could you guide me to the basics of training in the gym?”

I’m going to summarize four main topics on why you should consider your kids to train.

Kid's Training Abu Dhabi

It’s all about good motor development

It’s wonderful to see your kid outrun you. You try your best, but even if you do your maximum, he has somehow beaten you! The crucial part of good bone and muscle development is in their early lives. Even though the muscles aren’t fully developed yet, physical activity can only enhance them.

For good motor development, you need to stimulate it. Sitting all day just won’t do the trick! And you can do that with Abu Dhabi personal trainer, who have numerous fun activities for your kid! Supervised training is essential, but with their special offer, you can have a fun get-together time not just with your kids but with the whole family.

The number of obese kids has SKYROCKETED

I think it was last summer when I went for a swim in a public pool. I was shocked at how many kids are not into swimming and sports altogether. But you know how to engage them in more physical activity? Just show them how fun and thrilling it can be. Kids look for role models at their younger age all the time!

The World Health Organization has declared the new enemy is obesity, especially in kids. Kids training can reverse their “bad genetics,” some parents call it when their kid is obese, or discover some hidden talent no one ever imagined they have!

Your kid’s self-esteem depends on many factors. But it also depends on how they see their body, especially if they are in their teens. If you manage to implant the mindset of your kid training at the right time, their younger age, not only are they safe and sound from being obese. But you are also ensured their secure future for many health benefits listed below.

Benefits of Kid's Training

The many unstressed benefits of your kid’s training

Countless benefits for your kid’s training can be summarized in a few distinctive categories:

  • Sitting less – when kids start school or even preschool, they learn that sitting down and being still has its challenges. You cannot imagine the change they have to go through when they are toddlers, constantly moving around, and then school starts…shock! “Kids, sit down and be quiet! Luckily, kid’s training can make them more physically active, at least 60 minutes a day, recommended by doctors.
  • They learn much more by moving and touching than looking through screens – I know technology can be amazing, but it has limitations on kids’ development. It’s much more fun for a kid to learn about soccer, swimming, or any kinds of sports than just by clicking and swiping the screen. And who knows? Maybe your kid has a gift for a certain sport!
  • It controls their weight loss – you remember earlier when I said the numbers of kids being obese has SKYROCKETED? The most important thing here is the kid’s overall health. So many things can go wrong if they have weight problems when they are very young (and that’s happening as you read this). It’s a lot harder to change their mindset now than when they are young. So, listen to your kid’s preference of sports, sign him up here, and we will give him the individualistic approach your kid deserves and the right kind of support!

Abu Dhabi Kid's Training

Does physical activity influence your kid’s intelligence?

The most interesting health benefits of your kid’s training is the impact on emotional well-being and intelligence. Any type of physical exercise releases beta-serotonin that makes us feel good! How does that imply in your kid? Well, it will boost their energy levels and strength in their nerve cells.

Regarding intelligence, scientists have found that regular 60 minutes of exercise can help develop a more potent memory and brain volume due to exercise for kids. How? Have you ever heard the part of the brain hippocampus? Regular exercise increases blood flow to this part of the brain and makes it more potent when developing!

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