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Unhealthy ways to lose weight

When it comes to lose weight people are ready to do anything. Trying to find shortcut that will help them to fast burn fat. Here is few unhealthy ways to lose weight.

Unhealthy ways to lose weight


Starvation is widespread way to lose weight because it gives fast results. Because of minimal calorie intake, 50% of nutrients body takes from muscles, which is an unwanted weight loss flow. Muscle mass is literally engine of body that burns fat. If body loses muscle mass, it loses ability to burn fat. More you starve yourself, more muscles you will lose. Next to the muscle mass, you will also lose minerals and lack vitamins.

After you stop starving yourself and start eating same as before, you will gain fat back, even more than you had before because you engine for fat burning is missing. It’s closely related with basal metabolism which increases with higher percentage of muscle mass. This effect is known as yo-yo effect. Hire personal trainer Abu Dhabi to lose your weight

Modern diets

Every now and then we can find out new diet on market…Keto diet, DASH diet, the flexitarian diet, Mediterranean diet, Atkins diet, intermittent fasting… Jizzzz! Most of these new diets are based on low protein intake or low carbohydrates intake. Neither is good because body needs balanced diet. Some of them will help you to lose weight fast but that can leave serious health issues.

Losing weight it’s more about lifestyle change but that’s hard. Most of us are not willing or not able to introduce some order and discipline in our life.

Using hot pants, belts and suits

So often, I can see people working out or running outside wrapped in literally blankets, hoodies, wearing hot belts etc. It’s a famous myth that this way is going to increase fat burn. If you think that feeling more hot and sweating more because your body is disabled to release heat, is going to help you lose weight, you are WRONG!

If that’s possible everyone would probably go to the beach in summer days in winter jacket, just chilling on the sun on 40 degrees and that’s it – bye fat! Stop doing this, it’s not going to help you lose weight. Actually it will, but most of that weight will be water not fat. Losing water can lead you to dehydration and heat exhaustion which can leave serious consequences on your health.



None of those methods for weight lose are healthy. Many are dangerous or have little effect in the long run. So remember the main things: eat healthy and be physically active. CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE! Do this and you will see that your weight will come back to normal and stay that way.

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