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Strength training for elder people

Strength training is good and efficient way for improvement of health overall, including women and men. Actually, for people with heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, muscle injuries, strength training is highly recommended. Scientific studies have shown that going to gym, (weight lifting 2-3 times per week) has positive impact on health status especially incorporated with aerobic programs.

Strength training for elder people

Benefits of strength training:

Bones strengthening

Loosing of bone density is faster as we are getting older. As a result of that, risk of different kind of fractures is high. Weight lifting can be beneficial in prevention of it. Strength training increase bone density and lowers risk from fractures.

Body weight control

Believe or not, weight lifting can improve muscle gains even in elders. With higher percentage of muscle tissue, metabolism is higher because muscle tissue is active engine that burns fat. Bigger percentage of muscles can speed up metabolism up to 15 % which is from big importance in weight control over longer period of time, especially for older people.

Glucose level control

Strength training helps with glucose level control, equals as some medicine for glucose level control.

Sleep improvement

People who work out regularly fall asleep faster, sleep quality is better. We all know how much sleep can be important especially in elders as prevention of dementia and Alzheimer disease. Disrupted sleep, especially deep NREM phase, can initiate and/or accelerate condition. Deep NREM phase deteriorate naturally with age, so doing some gym trainings might significantly slow down the process. Also one of the most serious health consequences that come from sleep deprivation is a significantly increased risk for diabetes type 2

Healthy heart

Strength training is very important for maintaining of the heart tissue. It makes the walls of heart ticker and stronger. Stronger heart tissue means less effort to pump a blood through the blood stream.

Balance and mobility

Doing exercises through full range of motion, or only through part of it, will keep your joints mobile and healthy. Doing any exercise for strength development involves balance, especially with free weights, and good balance in old age is important for decreasing of falls.

As you can see, strength training can be very beneficial for elders. But be careful if you want to involve yourself in strength training program. It can be dangerous if it’s done on wrong way. The best solution will be finding a personal fitness coach who will make special program regarding your level and abilities and guide you through it.

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