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Physical activity in the time of COVID

Being physically active is one of the most important, essential needs of humans. We were made to be physically active. Physical activity is one of major factors in prevention of multiple diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, different kinds of cancers etc.

Different types of physical activity can improve strength of muscles, bones, it can improve mental health, mood, it reduces anxiety and depression. Regular physical activity makes our life better in a way that it’s easier for us to accomplish our daily tasks and duties. Being fit makes us more productive. For adults, weekly recommendations for being physically active are 150 – 200 min of moderate intensity. If you calculate that is approximately 3 hours weekly.

Being physically active in the time of COVID – 19 is challenging for all of us. For most of the people, moving and doing anything outside is restricted. Gyms are closed, going into a public park also can be a problem. Most of the time people are spending in a passive way (sitting, watching TV, laying…). We reached the point that we feel like there is need to take a break from NOT being physically active. There are few tips for home training that you can do without huge effort, equipment and space:

Reduce time of sitting! STAND UP! – Either if you are reading, watching TV, make short breaks 5-10 minutes every 30 minutes. It’s simple, just stand up stretch a bit.
Walk – Even in limited space you can move. Stand up from sofa and walk few steps in house while you are on the phone with family or friends. Or if you have yard, go outside and spend some time – not sitting of course!

Using stairs – If your building has stairs, try not to use elevator. Coming from local market can be beneficial if you are going to climb few floors by stairs.
Connect active and useful – Don’t lay on sofa with headphones in your ears. Play music that you like, stand up and dance.

Dance with your wife, husband and kids. Make small family dancing party! Play with your kids or siblings, do some house jobs that you usually do not! It’s a great way to connect with members of a family and be physically active.

Start online personal training – Some companies offer online training. Pick some program regarding your level and skills and start. The best way is to find personal trainer who can provide personal trainings live online!

Establish a routine – Specify how many minutes and at what time you will be physically active and stick to it. Set that as MUST!

Don’t forget to eat healthy, and drink enough of water.

Physical activity in the time of COVID

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