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Exercising during pregnancy

Being fit during pregnancy is extremely important. Pregnant woman is often in situation to reach something, lift something, does daily jobs that she used to. But all these ordinary things and activities might can cause discomfort due to new situation. Being fit will prevent that, at least to a certain extent. Strength training before pregnancy plays one of the key roles, but if it wasn’t a habit, there is something you can do during pregnancy to make childbirth easier.
If you want to start exercising during pregnancy, you need to get approval from your doctor. After that, you need to find highly educated personal trainer.

Exercising during pregnancy

First trimester

Even thought you can’t see any changes on your body, you can feel it. This is the period by which the body adapts to pregnancy. Hormonal and emotional changes are present. Most of the women feel nausea and week. During this period any kind of physical activity does not feel comfortable so it’s up to you can you deal with it or not. Walking might be good solution, but try to drink enough of water, wear appropriate shoes and clothes, avoid hot and humid places.

Second trimester

During this period we can notice anatomical changes. Because of baby growth, we can see tummy growth as well. Centre of gravity is moved forward, balance is disrupted. Posture is disrupted as well, usually in a form of kyphosis and increased lumbar lordosis. This is the period by which most of the ladies gain weight. In this period changes in pelvic floor muscles are present, due to baby growth.

Production of hormone relaxin is increased as a preparation for childbirth because it relaxes ligaments in the pelvic, soften and widens the cervix. Main focus during second trimester should be on breathing exercises, strengthening of postural muscles and shoulder area, strengthening of pelvic floor muscles and weight gain control. It can even help with weight loss, but pregnancy is not a good time to set weight loss as priority. Just take care what you eat.

Third trimester

The third trimester is the period of preparation of your body and mind for the birth and arrival of your baby. During this period, you may experience fatigue and loss of energy, as well as discomfort in the pelvic region, because of child growth. Breathing can also be a concern, if baby is high. But it is certainly advisable to continue your physical activity at times when you are feeling well.

Gradually you should reduce intensity and volume of trainings. Emphasis is on proper breathing, exercises for gluteus and pelvic floor muscles strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises. Strengthening your gluteus muscles will reduce lower back and hip pain, but it will also help your baby settle down lower in your pelvis just before giving birth. Proper strengthening and relaxing of pelvic floor muscles will ease childbirth.

As you can see, exercising during pregnancy is possible. It’s very important because it can make daily routines easier and it will prepare you for childbirth. But have two things on your mind… First, get approval from your doctor and second, find educated personal trainer!!!


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