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Do sit-ups burn belly fat?

Plenty of you have spent time sweating it out at the gym, doing sit-ups and crunches until our muscles cramp, with the aim of getting flat stomach abs. But, apparently, we’ve being going about it all wrong.

You might believe that specific spot reduction-getting rid of fat from just one area of your body, like your arms or tummy is possible!? In reality, targeting one area so specifically is very difficult, especially with just the one move.

So do sit ups burn belly fat? Unfortunately NO!!!

Do sit-ups burn belly fat?

So what should I do?

Spot reduction doesn’t work, either for the abs or for any other body part. The fallacy of spot reduction assumes that, if you have fat over your abs, then exercising the abs muscles will make that fat go away. While exercising the muscle may increase endurance or strength, it won’t burn off the fat in that area. The reason for this is because the body draws energy from the entire body when exercising, not just from the part you’re working.


The only way to burn fat from your belly is to reduce OVERALL body fat by creating a calorie deficit. The healthiest way to do that is with consistent exercise – cardio, weight training, and healthy low-calorie diet.

Keep in mind that doing all of that is no guarantee you’ll lose belly fat. That’s up to your genetics, age, and hormones among other factors not always in our control.
Another common mistake that I can see people doing in gym is doing abs every single day without rest.

However, your abdominal muscles are just like every other muscle in your body. You should train them the same way you would train, your biceps or your chest. That means strength training 2 to 3 times a week, with rest in between and a variety of exercises to target different areas of the abs.

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