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Best weight loss drinks

Despite the fact that using weight loss drinks will not help you jump into your favorite dress or trousers easily, it can be helpful as a part of your lifestyle change. Using weight loss drinks can be part of your overall strategy for weight loss. Some of them are more effective than others. Beverages like black tea, green tea, coffee can boost your metabolism, decrease hunger, make you feel full, and help you get rid of extra kilograms.

Best weight loss drinks

1. Tea for weight loss

Tea can be very helpful in this process especially combined with exercising and healthy diet. Key ingredients that can help in weight loss are caffeine and flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits. They boost metabolism and help fat burn. Caffeine is central nervous system stimulant, it boosts your energy and makes you feel less tired.

White tea – White tea is minimally processed. It has light sweet flavor. It helps fat burning because of catechins – an ingredient which boosts metabolism. White tea is powerful antioxidant.

Black tea – Black tea is produced from same plant as green tea with multiple oxidation processes of tea plant leaves. Multiple oxidation and fermentation increase content of caffeine. It has strong flavor.

Green tea – Green tea usually is not fermented. Green tea has active herbal components such as catechins and caffeine that are attributed to health benefits. Some studies have shown that the consumption of green tea can reduce the concentration of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. For weight loss, you can drink two to three cups of plain green tea every day. It is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements, but it is not entirely safe. Namely, it’s associated with severe liver damage.

2. Water

Drinking water is often applied as a dietary means for weight loss and overweight/obesity prevention. Some studies have shown that drinking more water may help in weight reduction. One of the effects of drinking water is increased calorie burn by resting energy expenditure. Some studies have shown that drinking water can increase energy expenditure 25 – 30% within 10 minutes for the next 60 minutes.

Taking water before meal can make you feel full which can reduce appetite. Drinking more water can decrease calorie intake by preventing using other beverages which usually contain sugar.

WHO | World Health Organization recommend drinking about 2 – 3 L of water daily. This number can vary, depending on individual and a lot of other factors such as physical activity, sweating, outside temperature etc. This is a general guideline, some people may need more, some people may need less.


3. Caffeine

Some scientific studies have shown that caffeine intake has impact on weight loss, BMI and fat reduction through increased energy expenditure and increased thermogenesis. Caffeine intake stimulates central nervous system which might result in weight loss through increased fat oxidation.

4. Ginger

Ginger is a flowering plant whose root is widely used in a medicine and as a spice. Ginger originated from Asia and does not exist in its wild state. Similar to caffeine, ginger can increase thermogenesis and energy expenditure, as well as increasing the lipolysis of white adipose tissue (fat).

All these things would be more efficient combined with daily physical activity and healthy eating habits. If you need any help or suggestion, our team of personal trainers will help anytime.

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