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EMS Training In Abu Dhabi – Shock Your Muscles For More Growth

This article will inform you on what EMS Training is, how it works when you should be considerate, and the main benefits. All this in just one or two scrolls on your mouse or keypad!

The other day I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there was a more effective way to contract muscles besides just lifting weights? Then I came across EMS Training (Electric Muscle Stimulation) that’s just beginning to take on popularity.

Those fancy suits people wear during EMS Training emit electric currents that are the same frequency as your own body’s electric currents when you workout.

You know that tingling feeling when you do your favorite biceps curls exercise and the blood pumping, veins start to show? Well, EMS Training is proven to enhance all those effects because of the additional electrical stimulations that come from the special suit.

Many things are not yet concluded for sure for EMS Training, but so far, it has proven to have therapeutic effects on muscle tissues (if you’re recovering from injury). Also, suppose you’re a complete beginner to physical activity. In that case, EMS Training can be a great way to adapt your body to physical training.

EMS Training

Honestly, I felt a little bit silly when I put on that suit, but when the training session began, me jumping, lifting weights, and curling the sensation was amazing! I never felt that much muscle contraction before.

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym for hours and maybe travel an hour to get there, EMS Training is for you! Whether you do strength training and want to incorporate cardio, but that takes a lot of time, EMS Training combines these two in one single workout. Double the benefit for a quarter of your time!

When I wear the suit, I feel like some super spy (James Bond) and a professional scuba diver in one! The best thing is that it’s comfy and has almost no weight-bearing effect. So, no worries if you think that the suit is going to make it harder. Just kidding, it will! But differently.

The best example is when you squat, you’re contracting the muscles, right? Well, add up the additional contraction and electrical stimulation coming from the EMS Training suit, and you have a blasting 30 minutes workout that equals triple the time in the gym! You can even do this at home, personal trainers from Fitness Vibes in Abu Dhabi can show you how.

Benefits of EMS Training

“Shocking” Results for a Fraction of Your Time!

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Bear in mind that these claims are yet to be fully tested, but things are looking pretty well for EMS Training, for a number of reasons and benefits. The main ones we will split in several sections.

Save precious time

Trying to incorporate training into your already tight schedule? We are not all masters of time management. So, we have to make other alternatives if we want to lead a healthy life and stay productive at work.

Remember one of the days at work when you have to stay a bit longer (meetings, finishing paperwork, or dealing with late Friday work so you can get out)? Friday nights are the best, and you deserve a night out! Working late, going to the gym, and getting ready for going out. Is that possible?

EMS Training can help you achieve that. No more traffic getting to the gym and looking at the clock if you can be on time. For a third of your time, EMS Training will blast your muscles in 30 minutes compared to 2 hours getting to the gym, doing the workout, and getting home.

Strength and cardio training in one

Another time-saving benefit of EMS Training is its remarkable ability to combine strength training and cardio simultaneously. How does that work?

Your personal trainer can add weights to your regular workout. The electrodes that go all over your body will enhance your heart and lungs to increase blood flow to the muscles.

You see the magic? Workout with weights while EMS makes your workout even harder, so you burn extra calories, and you don’t have to run to the treadmill. All this magic in one EMS equipment!

You will “eat cardio for dinner” with EMS Training!

Take this “All in ONE”

EMS Training Benefits

Blast and shock the fat through EMS Training

We continue to explore the amazing benefits of EMS Training. Is it effective against losing stubborn fat?

Whether you have love handles, want your abs to show, and be overall leaner, EMS is for you. Through individually made workout sessions with your personal trainer, we can adapt the EMS Training program just for your needs and dream body goal!

Because EMS Training enhances muscle activation greatly, your overall energy level and metabolism rate will increase. Hence, the greater your energy level, you can give it a “one last push” during workout sessions. The final benefit is an increased metabolism rate, and that’s crucial when you want to burn more calories and lose stubborn fat!

No more joint pain

Whether you are recovering from an injury, have genetically bad knees, or just have issues with joints, EMS Training won’t take a toll on them.

Lifting enormous weights, like it or not, have some impact on your joints. You have to take care of them, from time to time. EMS Training emits electronic currents that greatly engage muscles, so you don’t have to worry about your joints.

The main point here is to take care of yourself. I’m not saying to give up on weights. I would never do that myself, but EMS Training can be a great alternative when you have issues with joints or recovering from an injury.

Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi

Tone your legs, butt and core for that ultimate bikini body ready for the beach

Ah, it’s that time of the year when you finally say to yourself: “I’m gonna start my gym membership, or consult a personal trainer for a workout at home routine.” You want to earn your beach body by the summer, right? So, fast results are a must!

You have your own personal goals, and the personal trainer’s job is to help you achieve that on short notice, of course. Trying your bikini from last year or buying a new one can be a tricky situation. This pandemic certainly didn’t help us stay in shape!

Be that one in a thousand when you proudly walk down the beach and be confident as ever! I’ve said it several times. EMS Training enhances the workout effects and shortens the time for you to reach your dream body goal!

Always remember, you still have to give it your best and be continuous. Nothing good comes overnight, but EMS Training can help shorten the time needed for your gym goals.

Relieve your body from muscle soreness, even when sitting

You just began to work out. Kudos to you! But you didn’t imagine that muscle soreness the next day can be such a bugger. I always remember when I first started to workout, leg day, and the day after, man, I barely managed.

If you think that you cannot work out just because you have sore muscles, think again! EMS Training helps you get through that workout because it helps in muscle regeneration. Electric stimulation that equals your own body’s electric stimulation means you have double the effect of both!

In conclusion, you won’t feel that much muscle soreness in an EMS Training suit, so you can jump, squat, and curl without any discomfort with muscle soreness. The best thing about EMS suits is that you can attach them when sitting, browsing the web, and it can help relieve muscle soreness from working out yesterday.

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Working Out and Recovering Faster?

More intense workouts equals more muscle mass gained

It can be hard to stay on track whether you’re making progress in the gym or just working out at home. I know for sure, this is a problem for me, but that’s mostly because I’m too self-critical of my body. That’s a story for another time.

It is hard to engage your muscle tissues at their maximum, especially if you’re working out for years. There are deeper muscle tissues, and they are really hard to hit.

With EMS Training (electric current that increases muscle contraction and weights), you can hit almost every muscle tissue at its 100%! It’s all about increasing time under tension, and EMS does just that. You are resulting in a more intensified version of your typical workout for more gains!

I was “Shocked” How it is All Simple and Effective

People are still skeptical about EMS Training because it’s a relatively new thing. That’s just clinging to popularity. I’m just trying to inform you that trying a new thing probably isn’t bad!

EMS Training is completely safe. EMS’s main “secret” is its effectiveness in contracting the muscles and increasing time under tension, which results in faster results and more gains!

EMS Training is simple and straightforward. I have no need to inform you purely of marketing reasons. The main goal was to explain to you how a simple way of increasing your workout intensity through EMS Training and suits benefits you the long way!

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