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Why You Should Train Kickbox?

There are many types of cardio kickboxing training you can do. When you first think of cardio, it’s usually the treadmill or running out in the open. It goes well for you a while, then most people get bored. Why is that?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with running on the treadmill, but it’s pretty stationary. You don’t have that much free space. You only run through a straight line, and it’s that’s pretty much it. This is where cardio kickboxing comes in.

Now, you’re also probably thinking that you need some talent or at least some experience with martial arts. No, that’s not the case!

Bear in mind that cardio kickboxing is high-impact cardio kickboxing training. Consulting your personal trainer specializing in various types of cardio exercise is essential, even better if he knows cardio kickboxing.

Luckily for you, Fitness Vibes in Abu Dhabi has personal trainers specializing in cardio kickboxing training, particularly in cardio kickboxing. Suppose you don’t have time to combine your training in the gym and cardio kickboxing. In that case, your personal trainer can modify it, so you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Miljan and Miloš are personal trainers that can come up with a cardio training plan that involves kickbox. You will feel that heart pump, those calories and excess fat burning like never before!


There are many benefits when you compare traditional cardio to cardio kickboxing. Some of them are the following:

  • It engages every muscle in your body, and you will certainly feel that. Your core will feel the most impact because the core keeps you stable during this activity;
  • Studies suggest that cardio kickboxing enhances your muscle’s blood flow more efficiently than traditional cardio and delivers oxygen to your lungs. You can use that benefit when you regularly train in the gym or at home;
  • Cardio kickboxing is much more efficient in raising your metabolism rate than traditional cardio. One study found that conventional cardio only increases your metabolism rate by one hour after cardio. Where cardio kickboxing increases your metabolism rate hours and hours after you’ve completed your cardio kickboxing training. This is essential for efficient fat loss.

We will get into the details now on why it would be best for you to try cardio kickboxing training and get your dream body a much-needed “extra kick.”

First things first, how do you begin?

This is where personal trainers from Fitness Vibes in Abu Dhabi come in. After consultation with them, they will explain the necessities and basics on how to properly start. Some things are mandatory, like:

  • Wear the most comfortable set of clothes you have. You will be moving around a lot more than traditional cardio;
  • Water and a towel is a must (duh, you already knew that);
  • The gyms are properly stationed so that they give enough space for cardio kickboxers. Still, for the comfort of your own home, things are different. Try to find some space in the middle. You won’t be just moving in a straight line, but ups and downs, side-ways, you name it, a high-impact workout is guaranteed!

Why do personal trainers recommend cardio kickboxing to traditional cardio? Let’s find out below.

1. Burn calories faster than you eating your favorite cheat meal

Just kidding! We don’t recommend you gorging on cheat meals that often. We are serious when we say that cardio kickboxing training is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight and complements your training routine perfectly.

Cardio kickboxing burns over 800 calories in an hour, which is a significant amount. It will surely put your body to the test as you sweat, breathe, and soar like never before.

Hate those love handles on the hips and excess fat on your stomach? Cardio kickboxing targets all of your muscle groups, but the core is significantly more involved. Toning your abs and losing fat is one of the specialties of cardio kickboxing.

2. Toning your muscles

Looking for a faster solution to highlight your arm muscles and butt, especially when wearing tight jeans or sweatpants? Many women are ditching the more conventional cardio because of its limitations, and let’s face it, it’s not nearly as fun as cardio kickboxing.

Not only is kickboxing a calorie-burning monster, but it will tone your muscles on your arms, legs, and butt more quickly!

The explosive power of kickboxing is most noticed when you try to make moves with your body you’ve never done before. Balance is not everyone’s strong side. Neither is mine, but kickboxing challenges your body to maintain good posture even when your legs are way up above your head!

There is something for men in cardio kickboxing too! Adding lean muscle mass looks great, especially when you fill up those shirt sleeves. But you know what will make you look even better in a T-shirt? A pair of toned guns that reflect every inch of your arm muscles is a cardio kickboxing specialty.

Kickbox Training

3. Your overall strength will increase

Wouldn’t you just love to stack up more weights on the bar? Well, cardio kickboxing can be a factor that determines that. When you are a beginner at weightlifting, it comes easy to stack up more weight, but you hit a plateau when kickboxing  training for years or even decades.

Cardio kickboxing can help you overcome that weight lifting plateau. How does that work? Well, like we said many times, kickboxing challenges your core muscles like never before.

Some of you don’t know it, but having a strong core can determine how much weight your body can handle. It keeps you stable and prevents bad posture during the lifting movement.

Always remember, cardio kickboxing training smarter is way better than just training harder. Cardio kickboxing is a skill that will surely make a change on how and how much weight you can handle during compound movements (bench press, squats, and deadlifts).

4. Your posture and coordination will improve

Cardio kickboxing training will make you move while standing, so you should instantly feel some challenges on the way. Overcoming those challenges is fun and stimulating for your lower and upper body.

Standing on one leg and keep kicking will help your body adapt to more complex moves you are probably doing at the gym and maybe struggling with. Shuffling from one side to the other is challenging enough, so you will engage some of the muscles that conventional cardio cannot.

Cardio Kickboxing Training

5. A boost in your energy levels

Your general productivity during the day vastly depends on your energy levels and your hormones. It is frustrating when you know you had a good night’s sleep, or you don’t have sleeping problems at all, but still, you need that extra energy up in the morning.

Any type of physical activity is a plus on your side and your energy levels, but cardio kickboxing excels in that. Complex moves, kicking, shuffling from one side to the other, and general intensity of cardio kickboxing are a much-needed boost to your overall energy levels.

How does kickboxing do that? Again, it mostly falls to hormones. You see, when you put your body on some kind of physical stress, it has to adapt to it via greater hormone regulation. So, when you wake up in the morning, your body has a kickstart because of this exercise, and your productivity will rise.

6. Learning self-defence equals boosting self-confidence

This is a benefit that not many cardio kickboxing training plans have. Understand this, when you incorporate kickboxing training in your life, you are doing so many great things for your body that we simply do not have the time to talk about them here.

But with cardio kickboxing, you are managing to combine training and learn a discipline you can use in everyday life. Learning to defend yourself surely isn’t at the top of your to-do list, but utilizing basic kicking and punching techniques could come in handy.

Self-confidence cannot be built in a day. However, staying true to your kickboxing training plan and partaking in kickboxing is a way to boost it. Just imagine yourself putting those gloves on, gym clothes, and be able to kick higher than yesterday. You can punch harder than the day before and be able to withstand a whole training session that you couldn’t do a week before!

Kickboxing Benefits

7. Give your heart some love

Ah, the feeling at the end of the workout, you changing clothes, taking a shower, and feeling your heart pumping like crazy. This is one of the factors to good cardiovascular health and prolonging your life.

Cardio kickboxing enhances your oxygen capacity ability. When you usually train with weights or do bodyweight exercises, you will get less tired. That’s because your heart is more efficient in bringing oxygen and blood to your muscles, and you’re able to withstand more and more intense with time passing by.

Some period in your life that you’re not particularly proud of is when you carry groceries, and you have to climb a lot of stairs. Probably swearing on the way to the top of your apartment on why the lifts aren’t working. But hey, with cardio kickboxing, you will take those nasty stairs without breaking a sweat, and the neighbors will watch you in awe!

8. Kick that stress out of your life

Stress is an everyday struggle; you just can’t avoid it. I’m not going to give you the ultimate advice on dealing with all of the stresses in your life. I can help you with the coping part and let it all go and forget about the hardships of everyday life.

That anger piled up because of the bad traffic, your boss, working overtime, or just that you had a bad day. With cardio kickboxing, you know that when you put those gloves on and start kicking the heck out of that bag. With every kick, you feel that stress just coming out of you.

You can always keep in mind that you have an “oasis stress-free zone” every time you need it. Kicking or punching a bag will absorb all the stresses of your life. Your only job is to kick and punch even harder next time!

Kickboxing Trainer Abu Dhabi

Cardio kickboxing training is more than kicking and punching

Coming with new and creative ideas to elevate cardio exercises, cardio kickboxing rose to the top. For men and women, it’s one of the favorites because you can easily incorporate it into your training plan or do it at home. Consulting with your personal trainer can structure a cardio plan you can do almost any time in a day.

Kicking and punching is just a start. You will learn how to stabilize your body, learn new complex moves and be able to do things you couldn’t even imagine!

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