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Faster Ways To Lose Fat With Cardio Kickboxing​

Many of us think when they are asked the million-dollar question: “What is the best form of cardio?” And when you search on Google, tons of articles tell you that jogging or treadmill is the right way to lose fat. Well, it can be the right way, but not the best and smarter way. Personal trainers from Al Ain, to which I’ve tested their blasting fat losing method, swear on cardio kickboxing as the ultimate solution for losing fat fast.
Years of extensive research and individual research took for these personal trainer to come up with this method.

They even took the time and effort to research and correct some of the most troubling flaws and problems traditional cardio has:

  • Looking for fast results? Cardio kickboxing raises your metabolism rate much higher than traditional cardio;
  • Tired of love handles, or do you want for your abs to show? Cardio kickboxing is proven to target specific areas on the core that traditional cardio cannot;
  • Are you looking for a new skill you can brag about? Cardio kickboxing is the ultimate skill that engages your whole body, and it can boost your self-esteem when you hit that bag like a pro;
  • Are you tired of doing the same old thing? Are you looking for some excitement for a great workout finisher? Nothing beats cardio kickboxing at the end of the workout;
  • Are you in need of that “extra kick” so you can boast about your progress? Cardio kickboxing is not the harder, but the smarter way to do it.


To begin my story. I know I had trouble losing that fat percentage so I can look leaner. I’ve tried everything, jogging, sprinting, doing some ridiculously hard ab workouts. Nothing did me the favor of looking the ultimate self I’ve wanted.

Tired of searching, I accidentally saw an ad from personal trainers in Al Ain, telling me that cardio kickboxing is gaining popularity. They had a special offer on first applicants (an offer that still stands), and WOW! Was I amazed after a short time.

Here are some of the promised Cardio Kickboxing benefits for You:

Boring cardio, you say? I think not

From start to finish, cardio kickboxing is everything but boring. Imagine yourself putting on those gloves, you had a hard day, someone frustrated you, and you just want to put on your headphones and blast away.

With every hit, you can feel the frustration escaping your body, your stress level lowering, and you “lose yourself” in the cardio kickboxing routine.

It’s not a straightforward, tedious cardio people get accustomed to. It’s everything but straightforward. It includes kicking, punching, high intensity, heart, and blood-pumping workout that blasts away fat fast.

I will always remember the line personal trainer Milos telling me: “Hey, kid, you got some power and gift in you.” You had no idea how that sentence meant to me. Nobody ever told me I had a gift for everything cause I’m not a genetically gifted person.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing engages the whole body in one training session

“Man, who has the time to do cardio, abs, and weight training after.”

I felt that sentence when I started to combine training, college, and two part-time jobs. I needed a perfect fusion of high-intensity, fat-burning, and strength-building methods of training for some time. I’m asking too much, am I? It turns out I don’t!

I was amazed at how quickly (in the beginning) I got tired. And my heart was pumping like crazy, but only for the first couple of weeks, then my body got used to it. Some of the things I’ve noticed and you will too after regularly doing cardio kickboxing:

  • My metabolism rate went skies high, and my body fat percentage went down a few bit;
  • I’ve noticed a slight improvement when doing complex compound lifts (about 5-10kg a month or two);
  • I had much greater stability when doing demanding ab workouts like the Flag or Dragon;

And heck, you know if someone messes with you bad, you can show them in practice what your arms can do, as you do to the punching bag. You never know. This world isn’t the safest place.

Cardio Kickboxing Benefits

The sky is the limit – for your metabolism rate

Is it bathing soon season already? Well, you better get in shape then. The most common practice for people is to Google how to lose fat fast, and there is so much information out there, and they are contradictory. The personal trainers from Al Ain can show you the SMART way to lose fat fast.

Did you know that traditional running only raises your metabolism rate by one hour? That’s not nearly enough if you want results and fast. Cardio kickboxing can burn about 600 calories per training session and for a fraction of your time! Plus, you get your strength and core muscles working simultaneously!

A perfect combination of strength and cardio workout that almost engages every muscle in your body. You need stability, strength, and fitness to do cardio kickboxing properly—an all-inclusive training session.

The best thing yet is it’s super fun! You don’t stand in one place; you always move around, jump, kick or punch, and get around the bag. Hearing those kicks exploding, your heavy breathing, and after you complete your session of cardio kickboxing, your metabolism rate is higher for the rest of the day!

In conclusion

whatever is stressing you and doesn’t give you peace, cardio kickboxing will always be there for you. Nothing can stop you from reaching your dream body goals when you put up those gym clothes. Just keep believing, educate yourself, and get proper support from personal trainers in Al Ain.

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